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 Where should I use a spray foam can in my house?

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PostSubject: Where should I use a spray foam can in my house?   Wed Mar 21, 2018 9:14 pm

Spray foam is a crummy material, almost regardless of where itís used. Itís popular because it is easy, but it is rarely - if ever - any good. The problems does, however, depend a bit on foam type, so the below kill list should be checked according to the foam you have.

Many foams expand and harden quite fast. And then they expand a little more, slowly, over a couple of weeks. This can add pressure to window frames and door frames, jamming them hard. This also has an interesting effect when using foams under roofs, as the foam will lift the roof tiles just a bit, effetively opening the entire roof to rain and weather.

Many foams expand with the use of gases that are aggressive towards the ozone layer. Some are even a fire hazard, or toxic. Very few are completely harmless.

Some foams claim to be fire resistant in various ways. This is complete baloney, no single-component foaming material has yet passed any european fire test, they simply always burn through. There are some two-component solutions out there thatíll give you a 30 minute approval, but only when molded in a factory setting.

Most foams is not resistant to UV light, and must therefore be concealed inside the construction, away from light.


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Where should I use a spray foam can in my house?
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