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  What are the Most Common Types of Foot Injury?

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PostSubject: What are the Most Common Types of Foot Injury?   Wed Aug 09, 2017 11:45 pm

Although foot injuries most often occur in athletes such as long distance runners, the feet also can become injured during the course of normal daily activities. Some injuries are more prevalent under certain situations and under a wide variety of circumstances. That said, the most common injury typically is related to participation in a sport or because of repetitive movement. The most common types include broken bones, sprains and blisters.

Sports injuries or even household accidents can result in a common type of foot injury. These often involve broken bones or sprained ligaments in the foot. A sprain in the foot, such as in the arch, can be mild enough that the person can continue regular activities during the course of treatment, but in other cases, rest will be required.

A broken toe can be debilitating and could keep the individual out of work or unable to participate in some activities for a period of time, and fractures to the foot itself can result in immobility. A stress fracture is a common injury that results from repeated stress over a long period time, such as the repeated impact on the foot during the days or weeks of a distance running program. If a fracture to the foot or toe is severe enough, surgery to repair the damage might be recommended by the physician.




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What are the Most Common Types of Foot Injury?
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