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 What is First Degree Murder?

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PostSubject: What is First Degree Murder?   Thu Jul 13, 2017 3:02 pm

When someone willfully commits murder and premeditation is involved, he or she may be charged with first degree murder. In many nations, a felony murder rule also allows people to be charged with this crime when a murder is committed during the commission of a violent felony, whether or not the murder was premeditated. Many people consider this form of murder to be the worst, since it suggests an extreme lack of regard for human life.

Most countries distinguish between murder in all of its degrees and manslaughter. A murder is a willful killing, in which someone makes a conscious choice to kill someone else, while a manslaughter is an accidental murder. For example, someone who plans and uses a car to kill someone could be charged with first degree murder, while a driver who accidentally hits a cyclist could be charged with manslaughter. Both acts carry penalties, but the penalty for murder is much more severe.


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What is First Degree Murder?
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