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 Shell and Tube Exchangers

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Sub. In Charge

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PostSubject: Shell and Tube Exchangers   Tue Jun 13, 2017 6:24 pm

Shell and Tube Exchangers are the most widely used exchangers in a variety of industries. This has given rise to certain standards for the design of heat shell and tube exchangers. TEMA (Tubular Exchangers Manufacturers Association) standards are most widely recognized heat exchangers design standards. The structure of these exchangers is made of a shellside and multiple smaller tubes passing through the shell. The shell may contain baffles to induce turbulence and to increase heat transfer by means of crossflow of fluids. The tubes are held together by tubesheets at both ends. There may be multiple shellside and tubeside passes in any exchanger.

The possible flexibility in design of these exchangers is mainly responsible for their wide use in a range of applications. These exchangers do not have design limitations in terms of temperature and pressure. These exchangers are easy to maintain. These exchangers can be easily designed to accommodate thermal stresses.


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Shell and Tube Exchangers
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