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  What are Radiant Floor Heating Systems?

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PostSubject: What are Radiant Floor Heating Systems?   Fri Mar 10, 2017 11:32 pm

Radiant floor heating systems are used to disperse heat through a house or office building by forcing a heated medium beneath the floor paneling. There are three main types of radiant heating: electric, air, and liquid. By heating the chosen medium and pumping it through pipes, heat rises from the floor in even dispersal.

A radiant floor system can be built either using a large thermal mass as an insulator--such as a slab of concrete with piping running through it--or by placing the piping directly beneath the wooden or linoleum floor. If placing carpet over the floor, it is important to use as thin a carpet as possible, since the insulating properties of the carpet will keep the radiant heat from drifting upwards.

Electric floor systems are popular only in regions where electricity is inexpensive, or where an electricity provider offers off-peak rates. When using electrical heating, it is almost always advisable to use a large thermal mass such as concrete, to ensure you can take advantage of the most beneficial electricity rates and build up heat during that time to last during the more expensive hours.


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What are Radiant Floor Heating Systems?
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