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  What Are the Different Types of Periodontal Disease Remedies?

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PostSubject: What Are the Different Types of Periodontal Disease Remedies?   Tue Jan 10, 2017 9:23 pm

Patients suffering from periodontal disease should consult with a dentist to choose the right course of treatment for their condition. Periodintal disease remedies in the early stages include flossing regularly and avoiding tobacco use. Periodontal disease remedies also include regular cleanings and dental examinations. Certain medications prescribed by a dentist may also be effective for some patients. Some patients also may try natural and organic home remedies that may reverse the early signs of gum disease.In more advanced stages, periodontal disease remedies may include other procedures, such as flap surgery. When other cleaning methods fail to eradicate pockets of tartar, a dentist or periodontist may need to surgically raise the gums to gain access needed to remove deeply embedded tartar. This is a more invasive procedure than routine cleaning, and will typically involve suturing the incision. In some cases, a tissue graft may be one of the necessary periodontal disease remedies. As part of the long-term treatment plan, the patient may be asked to quit smoking as well.


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What Are the Different Types of Periodontal Disease Remedies?
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