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  What does a Kitchen Designer do?

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PostSubject: What does a Kitchen Designer do?   Tue Nov 15, 2016 11:13 pm

A kitchen designer is a design professional who works with homeowners to plan the layout and functionality of a new or remodeled kitchen. Kitchen designers might also oversee installation and construction, and they might assist with decorating. In the retail environment, a kitchen designer is usually a sales professional as well as a designer.

Most kitchen designers are skilled in both manual drawing and computer-aided design (CAD). They must know at least the basic principles of architecture and interior design; many kitchen design jobs require in-depth knowledge of one or the other of these, or both. Kitchen designers must also be familiar with local building codes and requirements. Many of them have worked on the construction side of kitchen design, and are well-versed in construction techniques and practices. Commercial kitchen designers, who work with restaurants and other large-scale food service facilities, might have even more specialized knowledge in areas such as health codes, industrial design, and ergonomics.


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What does a Kitchen Designer do?
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