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  What is Optic Neuritis?

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PostSubject: What is Optic Neuritis?   Tue Nov 08, 2016 12:25 am

Optic neuritis is an inflammation of the optic nerve that often occurs in people who have multiple sclerosis (MS). This inflammatory disease also can be triggered by infection or occur as a standalone condition with no discernible underlying cause. Common symptoms of this disease include eye pain and loss of vision. Most people who suffer an isolated episode of optic nerve inflammation recover their vision. Sometimes, though, the vision loss is permanent.Optic neuritis usually develops as a result of an autoimmune disorder. This type of disorder is a dysfunction of the immune system. A normal, healthy immune system can distinguish between body tissues and foreign cells and tissues, and it will attack only those that are foreign. When an autoimmune disease develops, the immune system becomes sensitized to attack one or more of the body’s own proteins.


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What is Optic Neuritis?
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